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Project Experience


Clients of SISU Supply Chain Management have engaged the team to deliver more value in the management of their supply chains.  Clients have trusted SISU to procure a wide variety of materials and equipment for their projects and the deep experience of our team has enabled us to deliver as promised.


The types of projects have varied and include federal and education work.  Products and equipment procured include the following:


HVAC Equipment & Material:


  • Hot water recovery boilers  

  • Centrifugal chillers  

  • Hot water boilers  

  • Thermax absorption chillers  

  • Propane air systems  

  • Fuel tanks  



Electrical Equipment & Material:

  • Emergency power back-up generators  



Architectural Materials & Equipment:

  • Doors and door hardware  

  • Lockers  

  • Concrete and related materials  


"Coming soon"
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