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>> CEO

A Service Disabled Veteran, SISU’s CEO has 30 years of experience owning and operating businesses, from printing to construction.  His two decades in the construction industry include managing projects that span across heavy equipment, underground utilities, demolition, soil compaction, underground drainage, grading, as well as tenant improvement.  As a General Contractor, he has overseen and managed a large variety of projects resulting in positive customer reviews.  His years of experience ensure that materials and equipment procured through SISU Supply Chain Management meet or exceed client expectations. Additionally, his dedication to client satisfaction means that clients’ needs are met and projects are managed with diligence.  


>> VP Managing Partner

SISU’s VP Managing Partner brings more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry. He has managed a wide variety of military construction projects, including projects from China Lake, Twenty-Nine Palms, Seal Beach, North Island and March ARB, many receiving outstanding performance rankings from the US Government. His experience also includes work for multiple municipalities, including the City of Goleta, City of Fresno, City of Thousand Oaks and Ventura County Schools, as well as private clients such as Procter & Gamble. Our VP Managing Partner’s vast experience makes him highly qualified to ensure that SISU’s clients’ equipment and materials needs are clearly identified and well supported. His experience lends itself to a level of service that is unsurpassed. He is also certified by the US Army Corps of Engineers as a Quality Assurance Manager.


>> Board of Directors

SISU’s active Board of Directors has over 100+ years of construction, architectural and engineering experience. This team is fully engaged in the quality control aspects of all equipment and materials purchases that SISU fulfills on behalf of its clients. The expansive expertise of each member of our Board is leveraged across all SISU projects to ensure the highest level of service, quality and results.SISU’s Board of Directors hails from a wide range of construction and architectural professions, including major building contractors, architectural principals, commercial developers, and construction industry-related services such as data management and electronic document control. These professionals have built careers that span across both design build and general contracting projects and their skill sets are a testament to this.This team’s experience includes major construction projects across the following areas: Federal, Military (barracks/BEQs, mess halls, operations centers, etc.), healthcare/hospitals, hotel & hospitality, utilities, apartment complexes, commercial office, car dealerships, multi-story high rises, data centers, clean rooms, refineries, wastewater treatment plants/ water treatment facilities, fuel tanks, and education (elementary, secondary and post-secondary).Both SISU’s Principals and Board of Directors provide our clients with experience that lends itself well to the project management and quality control aspects of the procurement process. Our deep industry relationships and commitment of quality and customer service to our clients guarantees successful projects and client satisfaction.

SISU’s professionalism stems from our deep industry experience and our commitment to teamwork, service and results.

Our Team

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